Goran Gocić (1962) is a journalist, editor, film author, translator and writer. He graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade in 1991 with a degree in English language and literature and received an M.A. in Media and Communications from the London School of Economics in 1999. Gocić has written essays for twenty-two anthologies (From Humanism to Meta-Post- and Transhumanism, Peter Verlag, 2016; Degraded Power: The Media and the Kosovo Crisis, Pluto Press, 2000, published in English, Norwegian and Serbian, etc.). He also wrote several influential studies: Andy Warhol and the Strategies of Pop (Prometheus, 1997), Želimir Žilnik: Above the Red Dust (Film Institute 2003, co-author, published in Serbian, English and Spanish) and Emir Kusturica: The Cult of the Margins (Wallflower Press, 2001, published in English, Serbian and Chinese). Gocić worked as an undercover reporter in the documentary Bloody Foreigners (2001) for the UK Channel 4 series Dispatches The film won the television prize Prix Europa Special Commendation (2001). In the documentary Balkan Diary: Bulgaria (Bulgaria/Serbia, 2010) he makes his debut as a screenwriter and director.

He is the winner of two Borba awards for an essay on society (1996 and 1997), the “Dušan Stojanović” award for a publication in the field of filmology (2002/2003). His first novel Tai (Geopoetika, 2013, published in Serbian, English and Macedonian) opening a new paradigm in storytelling, won four national awards, including the “Miloš Crnjanski” award (2011/2013) and prestigious NIN’s award for the novel of the year (2014), and entered the wider selection for the International Dublin award (2015). His novel “Last Stop Britania” (2017) won “Moma Dimić” award in 2018.