Jovan Čekić (1953) is a philosopher, art theorist and conceptual artist. Professor at the Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade. He graduated Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade and received PhD in 2009 at the Faculty of Media and Communications. He was a visiting professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade (2003), Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje (2003-2007), and Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade (2008). He has published numerous works in philosophy, art theory and media theory.

Čekić has been exhibiting since 1975. He is one of the founders of the conceptual group 143. He is the editor of the Art edition at the publishing house Geopoetika. Čekić was also the editor for theory in the magazine “Moment”, as well as the Editor-in-chief of the magazine for visual culture “New Moment” (1993-1997). He was Artistic Director of the Youth Biennial in Vršac (2002) and BELEF (2003, 2004), and Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi (1993-1997) and Communis (2006). Jovan Čekić was awarded with Nadežda Petrović Memorial Award (1996) and the October Salon Award (2000).

Share Lab, Facebook Algorythmic Factory (detail),, 2016. Following the disintegration of the former world, we are wandering between its fragments establishing different networks between them as hubs. Contemporary art is shifting from installations to networked images of thought, which, thanks to new technologies, are becoming less and less dependent on spatial-temporal coordinates and limitations […]